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Sunday, March 29, 2009


The Rugby Team that i like most.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"If you want other's do it to you,do it to others."I really find it good especially like us,we want to traffic more people in our blog.So we need to visit there blog so that they will visit back to us.But sometimes even you visit the blog they will not visit your's.They just only happy that someone visit there blog...theirs gonna be karma on that,,ehehehhehe...They will not gain more visitors coz the visitors been visit there site already,,it will not come back.
If i see someone visit on my page,i visit back to them so that they will come back...

If everyone do the Golden Rules....EVERYBODY HAPPY.....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

De Panne Belgium

It's the first time in my life to play mini golf and it's the first time in Belgium.My siste inlaw invite us to visit them in De Panne since they are having their yearly vacation here...I enjoyed alot to play golf even i'm the first timer i'm not the one who have a poor score..

Souviner with King Leopold

De Panne Esplanade

De Panne is located on the North Sea,on the boarder with France.It is a popular sea resort known "The Green Pearl of the Belgian Cost".The beach is said the widest(450 m) and quietest(no breakwater there) in Belgium.This is the beach where the sand yachting invented.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church

Port of Calubian- view from the port to town and mountains
St.Therese -You can feel amazed and in peace if you are here on this place.Sweet and fresh air and beautifull view you can see.

CALUBIAN LEYTE-is a fourth class Municipality in the Province of Leyte,it have 53 Barangays.People here they speak Bisaya/waray,Calubian have a TESDA SCHOOL,Elementary and High School public and private .Some students flew to Cebu or Tacloban to finish there education.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oostende Belgium

RORO they are going out and in in the port of Oostende.The port of Oostende is the largest passenger and car ferry port with 150 years of tradition in Belgium.

Train Station in Oostende

Photo of St.Petrus and St. Paulus Church taken the first time we visit Oostende with my husband.

Photo of St.Petrus and St. Paulus Church
The church is built in Neo gothic Style.

Oostende is also famous for its sea side esplanade,pier and fine sand beaches.Every July till August alot of tourist visiting the place,people here they can speak Dutch,English and Deutch.Oostende is a Belgian City in the West Flanders,it comprises with the boroughs of Mariakerke,Stene , Zandvoode and the proper of Oostende the largest on Belgian Coast.
Place's on Oostende are good to visit also are the Flower Clock,the Pepperbusse,the museumship call the Mercator,the Thermae Palace Hotel former house of the royal family,Spanish Inn and other more.

Lotus Beach Resort

Lotus Beach Resort is few kilometers away from the town of Calubian it is on Barangay Abanilla.Own by a Dutch and his filipina wife...You can rent cottage and room,they are in a quite and peacefull place.In front from the Lutos beach is the Island of Biliran.


Past week we have a great walk with group of friends.Only 10 km we walk and it take 3 hours for us to finish it.My husband ask me if i want to have walk in the lake and i said yes,since i only stay at home all week long.But i never imagine that we gonna walk round of the lake.They are laughing and teasing about me coz i wear i shoes not on my size(shoes of my husband son for camping)i look like charlie chapline on my shoes and they are saying that i gonna be tired quick.On my mind i said i'm so sorry i'm used to walk,in our hometown we walk only to the city or going to the mountain with friends.And in the place of my mother we are used to walk,going to the ricefield.Sometimes when we have time we just go walking only until in our school..In Butgenbach every post will you arrive it said 10km,it make me so happy when we arrive the DAM to cross it.In 3 hours of walking it get all my energy,i almost can't walk up the little hill.Since i arrive here in Europe it's the first time that we walk so long and so far.My god i feel that i'm the clouds,my eye's is open but my body want to rest.My husband and I walk like a robocop when we get back home,even to walk in the staircase it's really pain on the legs.And my husband have a cut on his feet(the skin was gone coz of his shoes and too far walking).
Walking is a good exercise it can make our fats burn and give you a healthy body.I like so much to walk but i don't like we stop alot coz it make my legs pain.