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Monday, February 23, 2009

Island Cove and Leisure Park

Everytime my husband went to the Philippines to have a vacation and visit we always here on this hotel.Even our wedding was held on this place,we like so much the staff they are friendly.The place is nice,beautifull and quite,you can have a walk coz they have a big place..Not like in the other hotel when u get out from your room,theirs no other place to go or to walk except lobby and going out from the hotel.Here in Island Cove you can go to there farm,having spa,gym,patron where their are band or singers who perform every night.They have also the fishing village where u can have your lunch or dinner.They have also Island Songs where you gonna a videoke with your friends or play billiard out there...You can celebrate on here weddings,birthday or party...

This is one of the Best Hotel....

Yummy Cheap Food

Food is a very important things of our life,if we don't have it we gonna die of hungry.Our friends here in Belgium they never beleive that people can eat so cheap like that.My husband and I we eat in the food place in SM and his so amaze that they sell different cook of food.You can eat there less than 70 Pesos,you gonna have a rice,meat,vegetable and drinks.You choose out there different kind foods,,or mixed whatever you want.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Statue or Not?

When the last time that we went to Antwerpen i see this woman..I thought it was really statue but i heard one woman telling that it's her job to do that.That's what she do to have money,i think it's a little hard her job coz she didn't move and she hold it for a long time..We give her a coin and we ask her to move so that we can take some picture of her.

Arles Roman Arena

The Roman Arena was built around approximately 125 years after the Romans colonized Arles and the Rh├┤ne Delta. It seated 25,000 spectators on three tiers.It is the most heavily visited tourist attraction in the city of Arles.This amazing building has 60 interliking arches...The town of Arles lies on the Rhone River in Southern France.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recieve Full Salary 143 days Absent All

I got shocked last night when my husband told me about his co worker,he told me that every week almost 4 of his co worker are ill.I ask him did that person are all the same in every week,he said NO.He told me about the laws here in Belgium,that if you have a paper from the doctor that state their how many days u gonna be absent from the work,you just only send it to your employee.Other of his co worker they go to work alternate,like 2 weeks ill and 2 weeks work...here in belgium if you are ill the employee will pay you full if you work on that month..If you are ill in more than a months the health care will pay you and it's gonna be little not like you gonna recieve a full salary...

Almost all people i think here in belgium do that,especially in the time of holiday seasons alot of worker become ill...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rich and Poor

When you don't have money you don't have a friends.People easily can accused you alot of things and you been easily send in to jail even you don't have fault.In the school if break time you just only in the corner coz you don't have a food or a money to buy.I feel so sad about it why people didn't born the same having a gold spoon.

If you are rich is easily for you to manipulate people,even you kill somebody or everyone knows that you make a mistake..You are still right and it's the mistake of other,you can do alot of things.You can go and buy wherever you want.

Why rich people become more richer and poor people becoming more poor??

Love me or Hate me

Love me or Hate me - All of us have different kind of attitude.I'm quite at first when you meet me,since the time i arrived here in europe i'm less friendly coz in some bases,especially in terms of co filipina.People will judge you even they didn't know you personally,they will judge you the way you act and talk.I'm a straight forward person i will talk directly what is my feeling.I hate so so much back stabber,hypocrite and they feel so much that they are GOD.I encounter so much people like this,they are good when you are infront of them and if you meet their other friend you will know that they talk otherwise about you,,It's good to have a dream and beside it's free,having a dream can make a virtue so that you can pursue some things to be happen in reality.If you dream that things will happen you need to work hard to have it...

I don't like to ask help to other people in one reason"i don't like that they smash it on my face that they help me".When i want some things i do my best to have it..Don't step or use other person only have your dream to be come true...

Honesty is the best policy in life....Sooner or later people around you will know that you lie and you just only use them.


The Caylabne Bay Resort in Cavite is one of the most promising resort-hotel in the Philippines. Treat yourself to the best of Asia in this Spanish Mediterranean-themed hideaway nestled in a secluded cove along the rugged coast of Ternate, Cavite. The 160-hectare refuge is best known for its wide expanse of white sand embraced by a boundless blanket of water.

This is one of the beautifull place i see.When you go there you will go up and down in the mountain.They put a magnet on the road that's why they didn't put especial things to avoid car to fall down. We stay almost 1 week on this beautifull and magnifique place.I like this place coz it's so quite,relaxed and they have alot of things to do on here.You can have an islands hopping,kayaking,banana boat,jet ski and other more...They are near on the famous Correigidor Island...


This is our dog name Pacha,his already 7 years old.His so sweet,loving and he jealouse so much when my husband or me carry a baby in our arms.Our dog is the only one been true to my husband(before we meet),he was there when the time of ups and down.He bring joy in our house without him the house will be full of silent especially on weekdays..My husband will go to work and i stay at home alone.He don't like to go out when there's a rain to make his daily routine and his scared of strong wind.If you left him alone at home he will cry or in the other car,his quite when we left him in our car coz he used to be already...

Dog is really a man/woman bestfriend.....even all people will left you they gonna be always by your side...

Je t'aime mon Pacha et gros bisous....

Monday, February 16, 2009

45 kls. Weight to 55 kls.

Its a long time already that i have a weight like that and i wish i can make it back to have it again.I don't know why it so easy to gain weight but to loss weight it's so hard. That pic taken before you enter the Caylabne Bay Resort.The other one is my latest picture.
They always teased me because of my baby fats..Even right now i want to loss weight,it so hard for me to do it..i can't control my self.Maybe its because im bored and im alone on the house that's why i like so much to eat....

Octuplet Mother

Having a baby is the very best blessing that been given to your life and it can make the woman to be complete.Baby can give light,joy,color and love in our daily life and in our own house.But having 8 baby's is for me not accepeted(i'm not against of the baby)i feel so sad for them.I came from a big family even we have 2 years age gap each,it's hard for our parents to give us their time,love,care and attention.Having 8 baby's without husband and work,it's really a BIG PROBLEM.Even you gonna recieve money from the goverment or from the other people,you can't still give to them your Attention,Love and Care.It will be not a so much problem when you are rich and you have a husband in your side to help with you to taking care,giving attention and love them.

It's easy to say that you want to have alot of babies but you must know the consequence when you gonna have alot children.And think if you can give to them a love,care,attention,good and better life.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daddy at 13

All things in our life happen for a reason.Everytime somebody ask me why.?I have a answer maybe________.When i see the news about the 13 years old young boy having a baby i'm so schock.Ohh my god that's the first thing come out from my mouth and i don't have a reason to answer the question.When you see the little boy he just look like 8 year's old with innocent baby face.All i can said is it's the fault of the parents in both side,the girl she's only 15.Some of the people i knew that they have a girls in the family they bring them to the doctor since age of 13 so that they can knew how to used things to avoid early pregnancy.My husband ask me about my opinion and i said (stupid answer) maybe they think that it's just only a game,when we are young we play that mommy and daddy with my neaighbor's,cooking leave's having play money us a money,selling leave's.All of that is only for a game..
One thing that i like from the parent's of young boy and girl that they didn't ask to the girl to get abortion coz they are still young.

Liberation of a person is good but if somebody abuse it too much they gonna have a bad consequence.US a parent's you are their to guide your children,to help them having a good decesion in life and crossing the good path.
Childhood-the state of child between infancy and adolescence.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


On the photo is me,my husband and my friends.I really don't know where did our friendship start..About our attitude we are all otherwise to each other,each of us have diffirent attitude and characteristic,the way we talk to people.

FRIENDSHIP have alot of meanings:

**Friendship is the greatest gift that one can give.

**Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.

**True good friends are hard to find,difficult to leave and imposible to forget.

**A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift.
A friendship is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift.
A friendship is someone who fills our life with beauty,joy and grace.
And makes the world we live in a better and happier place.