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Monday, March 9, 2009

Oostende Belgium

RORO they are going out and in in the port of Oostende.The port of Oostende is the largest passenger and car ferry port with 150 years of tradition in Belgium.

Train Station in Oostende

Photo of St.Petrus and St. Paulus Church taken the first time we visit Oostende with my husband.

Photo of St.Petrus and St. Paulus Church
The church is built in Neo gothic Style.

Oostende is also famous for its sea side esplanade,pier and fine sand beaches.Every July till August alot of tourist visiting the place,people here they can speak Dutch,English and Deutch.Oostende is a Belgian City in the West Flanders,it comprises with the boroughs of Mariakerke,Stene , Zandvoode and the proper of Oostende the largest on Belgian Coast.
Place's on Oostende are good to visit also are the Flower Clock,the Pepperbusse,the museumship call the Mercator,the Thermae Palace Hotel former house of the royal family,Spanish Inn and other more.