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Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Smoking

No Smoking- I don't really like people who smoke.First it's not good for the health and people around them even they don't smoke they will smell bad and they gonna be more ill than the person who smoke.If a family member or friends if they want to smoke if they are here in the house they need to go out.Luckily my husband he don't smoke but all of his family member they smoke alot.The father of my husband died on Cancer of the Lungs.After he diagnosed that he have a cancer on the lungs after 2 months he passed away.
Cigarette are expensive even they put a bold words there that SMOKING IS DANGEROUS ON YOUR HEALTH,but still alot of people buy on it.It seem's if you don't smoke you are out of the society.


Midna78 said...

You are right - i don't like smoking ppl, too. My Ex was a smoker (and still is) - he said always to me (every year again): "Next year i will stop to smoke, for the kids - promised." But he is so weak :/ And he has no respect... he doesn't ask "Can i smoke?" pif.
Okay, my partner smokes, too... but he went always outside and asked me always before, when he was here.

LordsGirl said...

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