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Monday, September 1, 2008

About me.....

Hello all,My name is Joy Karen Llosa Mauer.Born on the 13th day of december 1984(TACLOBAN CITY).I speak WARAY,BISAYA,TAGALOG,ENGLISH, speak a little FRENCH and i will go to school soon for my DEUTCH language.We are all 7 siblings 3 boys and 4 girls,i'm the 3rd from the eldest in our family we are 3 already got married.My family and friends call me"JOY",i got married at age of 22.My husband is a BELGIAN,he leave before in France but now moved here back on BELGIUM.My older sis got married already to a Belgian guy so we are now neighbor here in Belgium.
I like so much to bake cake and pastries,surfing in the net...taking care of my orchids,listening music and watching TV.
I stay at home for this moment waiting for my schedule in the school for my deutch languge.So i decide to write a blog as a past time and so that it make me busy....