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Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Friend Found

Last Eastern my husband and i went to the place of his brother coz they invite us to celebrate the Eastern with them.I meet there a new friend,she's nice,easy to talk and funny person.Her name is Marissa and her favorite color is BLACK.She said all of her clothes are black,cor if she wear other color of clothes she become more big.She's the one who are helping my brother and sister inlaw in there french fries shop.But us you can see we are both healthy,ehehehehhee.I am sad coz we didn't have a long time to talk and be to each other coz we need to go back in our house and it take 2 hours to travel from the house of the brother of my husband to our's.We just only stay there in Bernissart for 3 days and we meet Marissa in our last day.I have a good memory from her even for a short time..