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Monday, February 16, 2009

Octuplet Mother

Having a baby is the very best blessing that been given to your life and it can make the woman to be complete.Baby can give light,joy,color and love in our daily life and in our own house.But having 8 baby's is for me not accepeted(i'm not against of the baby)i feel so sad for them.I came from a big family even we have 2 years age gap each,it's hard for our parents to give us their time,love,care and attention.Having 8 baby's without husband and work,it's really a BIG PROBLEM.Even you gonna recieve money from the goverment or from the other people,you can't still give to them your Attention,Love and Care.It will be not a so much problem when you are rich and you have a husband in your side to help with you to taking care,giving attention and love them.

It's easy to say that you want to have alot of babies but you must know the consequence when you gonna have alot children.And think if you can give to them a love,care,attention,good and better life.


chubskulit said...

Well said....

She pulled a scam and got disability in order to afford the invitro and now the scam is on the government.

The sad part is that the taxpayers will be the one's to pay for her children's care, as well as hers. It's sad, but there are quite a few Americans that have made a career out of the welfare system. This lady must have a Phd in this type of career field.

There must be a line drawn as to how much the government will help this type of person.