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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daddy at 13

All things in our life happen for a reason.Everytime somebody ask me why.?I have a answer maybe________.When i see the news about the 13 years old young boy having a baby i'm so schock.Ohh my god that's the first thing come out from my mouth and i don't have a reason to answer the question.When you see the little boy he just look like 8 year's old with innocent baby face.All i can said is it's the fault of the parents in both side,the girl she's only 15.Some of the people i knew that they have a girls in the family they bring them to the doctor since age of 13 so that they can knew how to used things to avoid early pregnancy.My husband ask me about my opinion and i said (stupid answer) maybe they think that it's just only a game,when we are young we play that mommy and daddy with my neaighbor's,cooking leave's having play money us a money,selling leave's.All of that is only for a game..
One thing that i like from the parent's of young boy and girl that they didn't ask to the girl to get abortion coz they are still young.

Liberation of a person is good but if somebody abuse it too much they gonna have a bad consequence.US a parent's you are their to guide your children,to help them having a good decesion in life and crossing the good path.
Childhood-the state of child between infancy and adolescence.