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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love me or Hate me

Love me or Hate me - All of us have different kind of attitude.I'm quite at first when you meet me,since the time i arrived here in europe i'm less friendly coz in some bases,especially in terms of co filipina.People will judge you even they didn't know you personally,they will judge you the way you act and talk.I'm a straight forward person i will talk directly what is my feeling.I hate so so much back stabber,hypocrite and they feel so much that they are GOD.I encounter so much people like this,they are good when you are infront of them and if you meet their other friend you will know that they talk otherwise about you,,It's good to have a dream and beside it's free,having a dream can make a virtue so that you can pursue some things to be happen in reality.If you dream that things will happen you need to work hard to have it...

I don't like to ask help to other people in one reason"i don't like that they smash it on my face that they help me".When i want some things i do my best to have it..Don't step or use other person only have your dream to be come true...

Honesty is the best policy in life....Sooner or later people around you will know that you lie and you just only use them.


Joops said...

you're absolutely right